Daughters of Change

Unchained with Ramona Stillwagon

Episode Summary

Ramona Stillwagon is an Evangelist, Wife, Mother, Advocate, Inspirational Speaker, Construction Superintendent and the Founder of "Unchained". "Unchained" was established to provide a safe place for female ex-offenders and their loved ones to discuss the challenges as well as the emotional and financial strain due to incarceration. As a faith-based organization. Unchained's mentorship program is dedicated to empowering returning citizens to strive for personal transformation and re-entry success through family reunification, accountability and right decision making; proactively preventing recidivism. The program provides a safe place for returning citizens and their families to share and discuss how to re-enter successfully and find healing & forgiveness through the word of God.

Episode Notes

For more information about "Unchained", how you can help and how to get in touch with Ramona visit https://www.ramonastillwagon.com/

How you can help

- Monetary donations 

- Hygiene Products

-Transportation Vouchers

-Clothing Vouchers 

- Make over Certificates (hair stylist) 

- Sign up to be a mentor on the website

Ramona is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. She strives to create an environment where exploitation of children and domestic violence are not tolerated. Like so many young girls who have experienced sexual abuse, Ramona found herself involved in the juvenile justice system and ultimately the Dept. of Corrections at the age of 27. 

She inspires women to step outside of their comfort zones and do “that thing” they really love - the very thing they were told they could not do! She is passionate about women re-entering the community successfully after incarceration and restoring the family unit.

Ramona herself has done what they said she couldn't!

For the last 6 years, Ramona has excelled in the field of construction, exceeding the expectations of many, including herself.

She started her career as part of the labor crew on trash detail, becoming a superintendent who has worked on numerous commercial projects. This led to her role as Superintendent in residential construction – building both semi-custom and fully-custom homes from the ground up.

Through various platforms such as women's ministries, women’s groups, panels, and conferences; Ramona empowers women to live their best lives after abuse, trauma and incarceration. 

At the heart of things, Ramona wants to encourage others through her story of transformation; essentially how God guided and molded her for the life she lives today.